Here are some facts about Lana that you may not have known, so you can get to know her a little better. 🙂 The sources of the facts are all cited and linked below.

  • Born in Can Tho, Vietnam. 2
  • Loves to do Hot Yoga. 1
  • Used to be a competitive equestrian. 1
  • During her first year of high school, she went to a performing arts school in NYC. 1
  • Lana is a pescatarian. (last noted in 2016) 1
  • ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ was Lana’s first film credit. 1
  • Loves to cook… “and I am obsessed with cooking tutorials.” 1
  • Bites her nails. 1
  • Lana grew up in Chicago, Illinois. 2
  • Loves improv and trained at The Groundlings School of Improv. 1
  • Obsessed with stationary, journals, cards, books… 1
  • Likes paint ball. 1
  • Lana is adopted. 2


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